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Das war "die Schmerzmacherin"

Das war "die Schmerzmacherin"

The hall is filling up. Around 40 visitors have made it into the Stadtwerkstatt.

c.t. Marlene Streeruwitz and the organizer take the stage. Ms. Streeruwitz only wants the reading to be filmed. There was once a stupid story with a tabloid newspaper because of filmed and published conversations. That is easily avoidable.
A sign language interpreter translates. Facial expressions, gestures and language. All senses can be impressed.

A round of questions to the author follows. The questions directly. "None of this will happen to me... How do I stay a feminist?" "With feminist greetings" is written on the banner at the back of the wall. Ms. Streeruwitz answers in detail. The time flies by.

Now the reading. The June chapter from the book "Die Schmerzmacherin - the author's latest work. A - original tone of the author - thin story told in detail and subjectively. ...So clean everything, how torture is learned. Always clean. Then milk and tea in the canteen, in the main building. - A depressing end.
A little later in Cafe Strom we can still talk to her, books are signed.
An evening that impressed all the senses.
Photo: Petra Moser

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