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Mit feministischen Grüßen 2012 - 2013

Mit feministischen Grüßen 2012 - 2013

Since the Upper Austrian networking center for women* in art and culture was founded, cultural workers and artists have been working together to improve the framework conditions for women-specific, feminist cultural practice. As long as social inequalities between men and women need to be changed at all cultural levels, we need the freedom and self-empowerment that FIFTITU% is constantly trying to offer. Following on from the basic cultural policy programs and commitments of the state of Upper Austria (Upper Austrian Cultural Mission Statement) and the city of Linz (Linz Cultural Development Plan), FIFTITU% is once again dedicating its 2013 annual project to gender-equitable cultural policy in Upper Austria. Special attention for women's art and cultural projects must be part of cultural policy until gender equality is a living practice. Cultural policy must therefore create the framework conditions that enable women to create art and culture in a self-determined way."
From: 5.3 Gender mainstreaming and the promotion of women's culture, Upper Austrian cultural mission statement

We live in a time in which feminism seems to be "out", but feminist and women's political demands are still extremely urgent and relevant. Feminism should be seen as a lateral/queer position to the neoliberal guidelines of the mainstream. In this sense, FIFTITU% repeatedly initiates and demands freedom and sees itself as a driving force in the cultural shaping of participation and equality. Particularly in times of repression, special attention must be paid to marginalized groups in society.

Institutions such as the music theater, Bruckner University Linz and tobacco factories are socially widely recognized and at the same time contested spaces of representation. They are therefore also projection surfaces for the most diverse desires. This should be used to actively drive the discussion and discourse as a driving force in matters of gender symmetry.Topics

With the project "With feminist greetings", FIFTITU% is calling for the implementation of long-promised measures. In this regard, interventions are being made in the various areas and the following focal points are being addressed:

  • Public cultural institutions and their gender-equitable work
  • Quotas and institutions
  • Funding/support reports with regard to their gender-equitable measures
  • Working conditions of artists and cultural workers and their livelihood
  • Visibility of artists
  • Goals

    • Strengthening feminist demands and measures in the field of art and cultural work
    • Content-based debate and discussion of feminist demands
    • Giving impetus through artistic actions and interventions
    • Developing your own existing potential
    Measures and events

    Following a campaign, various measures and events in different formats are planned for the annual project "With feminist greetings": Discussion rounds, workshops, artistic interventions and exhibitions, a queer-feminist festival on International Women's Day (networking and cooperation), a boat trip (training and further education), radio and TV broadcasts, and a series of events. Further education), radio and TV broadcasts (PR), feminist fortune cookies (PR), a feminist wish concert (cooperation and cultural policy), feminist greeting cards and a poster series (PR), networking meetings and cooperation with other feminist cultural institutions and individuals such as aFZ, Stadtwerkstatt, KAPU, black communitiy (female), sister resist Salzburg, Girls Rock Camp NÖ and many more Public relations

    The events and their content are presented in the form of radio programs (52radiominuten on Radio FRO) and television reports (FIFTV on dorf tv). The entire annual project will be documented and presented in the form of photos, texts, radio and television recordings. Other possible accompanying materials could include Flyers, feminist greeting cards, posters, readers (e.g. a special issue of the KUPF newspaper) or advertisements and articles in print media (e.g. Welt der Frau, an.schläge, AUF - a women's magazine, Malmoe and others).