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Mentoring program with Tina Reif

Self-worth? Self-esteem? What is that actually? What does it mean? What determines this "value"? And what kind of feeling is it? We address these and other questions around the topic of "self-esteem" in this coaching session.
Five encounters in which we learn to (re)recognize our self-worth and strengthen our self-esteem through group exchanges, self-reflection and practical exercises.
A transformative coaching session to get into your full power!

📌 The mentoring program with Tina Reif takes place in 5 sessions of 2 hours each:
📅 17.11.2022, 01.12.2022, 15.12.2022, 12.01.2023, 26.01.2023
⏱ 4-6 pm each
🌏 Hauptplatz 23, Impulsraum, 4020 Linz

đŸŽ€ Q&A on 09.11.2022 from 5-6 pm, online via zoom.
The Zoom event is an opportunity for those who are still undecided about participating in the program to clarify their questions in advance. Participation is not mandatory.
Just click on the following link and take part

Who: All FLINTA* people, i.e. women, lesbians, inter, trans and people who experience themselves without gender identity



To take part in our mentoring programs, artists and cultural producers can make an appointment with FIFTITU% at any time.
In addition to face-to-face appointments, we also offer appointments by phone, video chat or email:

Mentoring for initial applications


The Austrian funding system is complex and multi-layered.
Writing and submitting a project application, especially for the first time, is often associated with hurdles and anxiety. We offer one-off support with a funding application: What needs to be considered when submitting? What is a financing plan and what role does Fair Pay play in it? Where do I get what information about insurance, exploitation rights, exhibition fees, etc.? We provide our members with our almost 25 years of expertise to enable a successful start in the Austrian funding landscape.

Websites for artists

Sujet-ErstantrÀgeThrough our consulting activities, it became apparent that many artists are still not present on the web or are online with outdated websites. The reasons for this are always a lack of knowledge and the financial means to hire an external person for this. But website design doesn't have to cost a fortune these days. We have looked for systems where artists* can create websites with minimal annual costs and without programming knowledge, enter the content and update it themselves.

Self-employed in art and culture - taxes, SVS, KSVF, freelance professions, trade, art sales & Co.

Sujet-ErstantrÀgeBookkeeping, taxes, fees or insurance are anxiety-inducing topics for most artists*. No wonder, as all areas are not only complex and professionally demanding, but are also subject to a constantly changing legal situation.
Authors, architects, artists and designers are considered new self-employed persons, as the "fine arts" are excluded from the scope of the trade regulations.

Collecting societies, interest groups, copyright law & fields of action

Sujet-ErstantrÀgeArtists and cultural producers must not only continue to develop and be creative, but also carry out a lot of entrepreneurial work. What professional and interest groups are there in the arts and culture? What are copyrights, usage rights, personal rights and access rights? This mentoring program focuses on legal principles and their application in art, culture and digital media.

Consultation hours

Monday - Thursday: 10 am - 2 pm
Tuesday: 2 pm - 4 pm

Artists* and women* producing culture can make an appointment with FIFTITU% for consultations at any time, even outside consultation hours.
Please call: +43 732 770353 or via email: !

Consultations can be arranged on site, by phone, video chat, email or, under certain circumstances, at your home.

Our consultations are free, feminist and confidential!

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