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With the exclusion of women from the Upper Austrian state government, the voice of over 50% of the population is missing from this important representation. However, diversity, transparency, freedom and informed citizens are the basis of a functioning democracy. This is why the Upper Austrian Women's Government decided on concrete measures for more democracy and diversity under the motto "Democracy needs freedom - needs women".

The next parallel session will take place on May 12, 2016, once again in front of the Landhaus in Linz, and is looking forward to welcoming supporters.



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On March 7, 2016, the Women's Prize of the City of Linz was once again awarded. The award, worth EUR 3,600, went to the project "NACHBARINNEN - Aufsuchende Familienarbeit im transkulturellen Kontext". The winners were also honored with the "Golden Witches' Broom". "NACHBARINNEN" is a cooperation project between migrare, Volkshilfe Flüchtlings- und Migrant*innenbetreuung and the Upper Austrian University of Applied Sciences

We spoke to the NACHBARINNEN - Roya Yamin, Saranda Havolli and Melahat Okyan - about their experiences as part of this project.

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On March 8th is International Women's Day, we spoke to Ngueda Pauline, Tam Wenifred Starh and Nsambang Syluiane from the association ACAMASAL about their program for this day.

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We conducted a telephone interview with Ugla Stefanía Jónsdóttir from Iceland. She is an international activist for LGBTI* rights. Ugla Stefanía is part of the organization Trans Ísland, organization for transgender people in Iceland, as well as part of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Youth and Student Organization (IGLYO). We spoke to her about visibility, the legal situation and violence against transgender people.


Breaking the news


On November 30, 2015, the Marianne.von.Willemer Prize was awarded by the City of Linz for the eighth time in the Old City Hall. The prize is an award for high-quality works by female writers and is intended to help women gain a foothold in the local literary scene

Writer Gabriele Kreslehner has been awarded this year's Women.literature.prize, endowed with 3,600 euros, for her text "indian summer". The text was chosen by the expert jury from more than 100 submissions.///////////////////////////////

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On January 28, 2016, at 9:00 a.m., the next "menless parliamentary session" will take place in front of the Linz Landhaus

The aim of this action is to make women's politics visible and to draw attention once again to the women's session that has existed since October 23

Landtag government that has been in place since 23 October.

Link to the 1st Upper Austrian state parliament session

"As we tell[hear] stories about the lives of others, we learn how to imagine what another creature might feel in response to various events. At the same time, we identify with the other creature and learn something about ourselves."
[Martha C. Nussbaum]

Austria concluded a recruitment agreement with Turkey in 1964 and with the former Yugoslavia in 1966 in order to recruit workers. "Guest workers" came and stayed. In the 1990s, the collapse of Yugoslavia brought in numerous refugees who also stayed. Within the "foreign" resident population, the largest group (37.7 percent) comes from the countries of the former Yugoslavia. [] Around 48% of these are women*.

FEMINISM & KRAWALL a transcultural, women's political association for feminist riots on March 8, International Women's Day! Since 2013, musical, acoustic and performative actions for women's rights have been taking place in the city center of Linz on Women's Day.

All photos © zoe* photography

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