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Die Technik ist weiblich | Rap Workshop mit Malikah

Die Technik ist weiblich | Rap Workshop mit Malikah

FIFTITU% is cooperating with 2 years of The Empress Club and this must be celebrated in style!

For this special occasion we are bringing the Queen of Arab Hip Hop Malikah to Linz and for the first time to Austria!

In addition, we invite you to the photo exhibition "Empress" and interested women have the opportunity to take part in a RAP workshop with Malikah.


Stwst, 1st floor
Language English (also Arabic if required). Participation free of charge. Women only
The workshop takes place in cooperation with Fiftitu%.


Stwst, 1st floor
With the best photos of the musicians who have performed at Stadtwerkstatt as part of The Empress Club in the last two years
With photographs by:
Andreea Sasaran, Petra Moser, Julia Dresch, Christian Gebauer, Anatol Bogendorfer, Miguel Gonzales, Michael Oskar Wlaschitz.


22H | Swst Hall

MALIKAH (Lebanon)
Hamorabi (Lebanon)
DJ Sotusura (Palestine)
DJ Andaka (AT)

Lynn Fattouh aka Malikah - which means Queen in Arabic - was born in Marseille, France and grew up in Beirut. She began to be interested in hip hop at the age of 16 and achieved early success. in 2006, she was voted best female rapper in Lebanon by MTV Arabia. International collaborations and concert appearances (including in Germany, Colombia, Kenya, the Philippines, the USA, France and Switzerland) followed, and it is not only in the Arab world (Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Tunisia, Kuwait, Oman, Dubai) that she inspires the masses with her powerful Arabic rhyme style. Characteristic of Malikah are her socially critical and political lyrics, such as in "Ya Imra'a" - a hymn to Arab women:
"Women! Scream freedom in the name of every woman who cried and argued in the name of humanity/ We want to be educated, we want to progress/ Shine, excel and dictate our own lives!" She will be supported on this evening by DJ Sotusura, her hype wife* and husband* Hamorabi and DJ Andaka from Linz.


The Empress Club has been a regular STWST program series for female musicians since