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FEMINISMUS und HUMOR - und wie das geht!

FEMINISMUS und HUMOR - und wie das geht!

Feminists are often accused of NOT having a sense of humor.
But humor was and is an essential component of feminist criticism and feminist strategies. On October 23 and 24, humor was explored as a means of transport for serious feminist concerns. Examples of feminist action in everyday life were tried out together. In order to cover as broad a spectrum as possible, prominent contributors from various areas of feminist humor were brought in: e.g. the legendary performers from Les Reines Prochaines and the linguist and pioneer of German feminist language criticism Luise F. Pusch. The result was mischievous smirks, cheeky giggles and loud laughter!

What exactly was laughed about on October 23 and 24
was laughed about can now be viewed/listened to via DORFTV and Radio FRO,

for example

Luise F. Pusch - "Men's language as a funny old woman" on DORFTV

Luise F. Pusch - "The language of men as a funny old woman" on Radio FRO

Feminism and Humor is a cooperation of Feminist Forum Future, Posthof , and FIFTITU%.