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Lesung und Tanzperformance

Lesung und Tanzperformance

Manuela Mittermayer and Tanja Brandmayr

with parallel performance by Barbara Roitner

March 25, 2004, 8 p.m., Kapu Dachgeschoss

Tanja Brandmayr

Reading from the text Von der Unmöglichkeit, ja zu sagen - ohne sich um umbringen. Hollow phrase. Pathos, funny.

The reading will be accompanied by a parallel performance by Barbara Roitner
born 1969 in Wels

Trained in dance and studied sociology in Linz, works as a freelance dance teacher
Various works in the field of performance/installation/etc./e.g.:
"Am Gipfel des Menschseins": dance performance/experiment with 10 biophysicists
"Tibet": performance with live singing and travel slideshow
"black house": room installation with 2-D glasses
"Franz and the spiders": Illustration of the text by Christian Pichler
"fremd": slide projection and action with 25 young women in dirndl dresses - text and image documentation of a grotesque produced in real life

Romance text "On the impossibility of saying yes - without killing yourself. Hollow phrase. Pathos, funny". For this text, working scholarships for literature and 1st prize in the Traun Literature Competition, all in 2003. Other short texts: "Die krachlederne Hand", "Ausverkauf in der Witzefabrik", "In der Geiselhaft der Macht", "Ich mag Bäume und die Menschenrechte".

Manuela Mittermayer

Short texts from Wut ist Mantel auf der Haut
Excerpt from the radio play Patchwork

Born 1967, Oberneukirchen

Mother (since 1987), studied sociology and data technology (dropped out),
Worked in the women's and social sector, then switched to the cultural sector:
Employee and program maker at Radio FRO (2000),
Reading series "zuHören" (2000 - together with Erich Klinger),
FIFTITU% (since 2002), collaboration on various projects, including organization ("die freiheit zu sein"),
since 2003 chairwoman and employee of the association MIRIAM (project "Wegstrecken", reading series zuHören - 2),
also works as a freelance internet programmer

Past readings (with others): "your language is not ours ..." amerlinghaus vienna 2001,
"tabuzone" maiz/transpublic 2002
as well as sporadically in broadcasts on Radio FRO.