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#Fokus_Prosa - Author reading

Julya Rabinowich "In between: Me" and
Marie Luise Lehner "At a glance"
Aftershow with DJ Dominika Meindl

Admission 19.30 / start 20.00
Landestheater Linz, Lower Vestibule Kammerspiele | Promenade 39 | 4020 Linz


In view

Two girls grow up together. They learn to wear make-up at an early age, put on high heels and compare their breasts. They masturbate and talk about their experiences. They are young and rebellious, discover alcohol and drugs, go home with strange men, celebrate parties and have sex. The older they get, the more explicit the looks and touches on the street become. But the young women refuse to be restricted, travel to distant countries and experience for themselves that freedom does not mean the same thing for both sexes.
Based on a female friendship and a love affair, Marie Luise Lehner tells of looking and being looked at, of roles into which women are forced and of everyday sexual violence. She meticulously traces the moments in which women find themselves in unpleasant, often dangerous situations and allows anger to germinate in her characters. An anger that is big enough to fight against sexism.

Marie Luise Lehner
Marie Luise Lehner, born in 1995, lives in Vienna and Linz. Studied at the Institute for Language Arts at the University of Applied Arts and screenwriting at the Vienna Film Academy. Writes plays and prose. She has received several prizes, including the BKA Start Scholarship, the Kolik Prize and the "Sprichcode" youth literature competition. Her stories have been published in anthologies and literary magazines (Kolik, Facetten). Her first novel "Fliegenpilze aus Kork" was awarded the Alpha Literature Prize 2017.


In between: Me

The fate of 15-year-old Madina is shared by many refugee children: they are all bridge builders between their families and their new lives in the western world. After an arduous escape from the war in her home country, Madina has finally arrived in a country that promises safety. But not everyone in her family finds it easy to settle in. And so it is up to Madina to act as a mediator between her family in the refugee home and the unknown life outside. She takes her family's fate into her own hands and finds a friend in Laura, who means home to her in a foreign country. A moving story about friendship, migration and growing up in times of war and persecution - authentically told.

Julya Rabinowich
Julya Rabinowich, born in St. Petersburg in 1970, has lived in Vienna since 1977, where she also studied. She works as a writer, columnist and painter as well as an interpreter. Deuticke published Spaltkopf (2008, awarded the Rauriser Literaturpreis 2009, among others), Herznovelle (2011, nominated for the Prix du Livre Européen), Die Erdfresserin (2012) and Krötenliebe (2016). With In Between: Ich, she published her first book for young people with Hanser in 2016. It was awarded the Friedrich Gerstäcker Prize, the Austrian Children's and Youth Book Prize and the Lynx (Die Zeit & Radio Bremen), as well as being voted one of the 7 best books for young readers (Deutschlandfunk). her book for young readers Hinter Glas followed in 2019.

An event by FIFTITU% in cooperation with the Landestheater Linz