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52radiominuten - mehrere Sorten Fisch

52radiominuten - mehrere Sorten Fisch

Various topics and fish from the FIFTITU% radio editorial team:
Women's report Linz, Schwa/immfisch, literature and new women's street names in the city

The 1st Linz Women's Report
Around 99,600 women live in Linz. And this spring, the 1st Linz Women's Report was compiled in a scientific study by Johannes Kepler University. "The data and facts it contains provide information about the situation of women in Linz on the labor market, their education, their financial situation and much more. The study clearly shows that, despite all the professions of equality in recent decades, nothing fundamental has changed in the disadvantage structures for women. Management positions in Linz and the rest of Austria are still a male domain," the report states. And that although "women* and men* are currently talking about the best-educated generation of women of all time, the level of qualification is no guarantee that this can also be translated into corresponding incomes and careers. Education and training choices are still traditionally gender-specific. Compared to men in Linz, an above-average number of women in Linz have only completed compulsory schooling."

Daniela Fürst is a sociologist and has read the women's report. And she is skeptical. We asked her why this is the case.

Women* and men* can read the women's report on the website of the City of Linz

Women's street names in the city
Normally the boulevards, of which there are practically none in Linz, are reserved for men. It is mainly mayors, bishops and priests, important merchants, artists and scientists after whom the streets in Linz are named: Humboldtstraße, Ernst-Koref-Promende, Rudigierstraße, Herbert-Bayer-Platz ... the list is long. When the Viennese politician and women's rights activist Johanna Dohnal died in 2010, a street was soon named after Dohnal on the recommendation of the Green Party. However, a woman has to make a relatively circuitous journey through Linz before finding the small alley in the Franzosenhausweg area.
The editors of 52radiominuten have done some research and compiled an update on women's street names in Linz for today's show. There are currently 40 of them, 2 of which are new and named after women. We asked Simone Boria, board member of FIFTITU%, how these efforts are supported by the FIFTITU% association.

Sponge fish - the somewhat different regulars' table of FIFTITU%
A feature from the last Schwammfisch! If you weren't there, you missed out! The next Schwammfisch will take place again in November. Here's a short feature from the last meeting on the banks of the Danube

The summer and the book
Summer isn't over yet, which is why the 52radiominutes editorial team is back with literature tips.

Webtip of the month: Artwarez and Oldboy

The 52radiominuten editorial team wishes you an exciting show!