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52 Radiominuten: Yalla Feminismus!

52 Radiominuten: Yalla Feminismus!

Reyhan Şahin aka Dr. Bitch Ray aka Lady Bitch Ray is a linguist, rapper, performance artist, actor, fashion designer and author. Her new book Yalla, Feminism! was published. In it, she writes about discriminatory experiences as a rapper, Turkish-Muslim Alevi and linguist

On December 6, 2019, she presented Yalla, Feminism! at the University of Art and Design Linz. It was an evening where hip-hop, Fuckademia, intersectional theories, anecdotes and precise analyses came together.

Reyhan Şahin discussed the book with Marie Luise Lehner, also an author and musician in the punk band Shapka.

The event was organized by FIFTITU% and the AKG - Arbeitskreis für Gleichbehandlungsfragen

Music: Lady Bitch Ray
Photo: Violetta Wakolbinger