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getting closer  2017

getting closer  2017

"The superficiality distances us from what is real, and generates suffering and violence through lack of respect, and lack of listening" (Nathalie Delay - artist)

In 2016, with the annual focus Break it down, we attempted to tackle and break down heteronormative structures head-on and force a reinterpretation of gender, language and action. In this sense, Break it down refers to a process that is far from over, even after 2016. However, 2016 was certainly also a year in which many things collapsed in a global context (geopolitically, socially,...)

2017 our motto is getting closer!

We want to take a closer look at both what has been broken down and what is still to be broken down, to take a closer look at its structures, dynamics and individual parts. Contrary to the general trend towards simplification, we want to take a closer look and delve deeper into the complexities of relevant issues.

Getting Closer focuses on the interests and circumstances hidden behind various categorizations, on the various modes of action and structurally immanent backgrounds that underlie the discrimination that arises in this way. (Getting Closer to go further)
Getting Closer or getting closer will also bring us closer to relevant decision-makers and decision-makers with regard to current and emerging developments in women's* and cultural policy. Why has Austria slipped down 32 places since 2013 according to the World Economic Forum's latest Gender Equality Report? Which structures, people and decisions are responsible for this? You will be hearing from us regularly on this topic!

Getting Closer to our goals once again seems a long way off. Nevertheless, we will continue to oppose the regressive developments with our positions and demands.


But we don't just want to look outwards, we also want to take a closer look internally and subject our work to a self-examination. Particularly in view of FIFTITU%'s 20th anniversary in 2018, we consider it essential to analyze our activities as well as the current internal work and personnel structure with a view to future action. In line with the new external and internal requirements (declining equality, increasing precarity, especially for artists and cultural workers, less budget for women* and cultural affairs and therefore fewer personnel options than necessary, etc.), restructuring is necessary. To this end, we would like to seek professional help from outside as part of an internal organizational development.

Getting Closer to the matter but also to the people, especially to women* and in particular to representatives of those cultures that are currently stylized as a threat in the mass media and politics. Getting Closer is also an invitation to a public.


In specific events, but also in increased actions in public space, Getting Closer is an invitation to formulate and demand specific concerns more powerfully in a collective. In this sense, Getting Closer also refers to moving closer together in solidarity.