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Positionspapier von FIFTITU% zur Kulturhauptstadt 2009

Positionspapier von FIFTITU% zur Kulturhauptstadt 2009

Linz, November 10, 2004

The FIFTITU% association is fundamentally in favor of a Capital of Culture 2009 in Linz, but demands compliance with framework conditions for gender symmetry.

The association FIFTITU% - Networking Center for Women in Art & Culture in Upper Austria is in principle in favor of a Capital of Culture 2009 in Linz, if the following framework conditions are guaranteed:

The organization and implementation of Linz 09 must be subject to gender budgeting, i.e.

50% of the budget must go to female artists and cultural workers. 50% of the projects must be awarded to female artists 50% of jobs in the organizational area at all levels - from management to artistic direction - must go to women. Gender-relevant content must be guaranteed in the program design through appropriate guidelines from cultural policy. Gender must be an important criterion in the selection process for artistic and cultural activities. In addition, there should be a large number of women-specific projects. Linz 09 must not become a one-off prestige project, but must be part of a forward-looking development of the art and culture scene in Linz.

The Cultural Development Plan (CDP), if implemented in all areas, is a necessary prerequisite for this. Pre- and sustainability, also for the independent scene, must be ensured - there must be no "death of initiatives" for budgetary reasons. The cultural and women's cultural initiatives as well as the artists in the regions and the city of Linz must not suffer any financial disadvantages as a result of the Upper Austrian government's budgetary participation in the Capital of Culture. Cultural institutions and initiatives from the regions must therefore be included in the concept for the Capital of Culture 2009 wherever possible.

The transparent handling of all decision-making processes in the course of the Capital of Culture 2009 project is a necessity in order to ensure constructive cooperation between the various stakeholders. Furthermore, we agree with the content of the statement of the independent scene Linz and the position paper of the KUPF Upper Austria on the Capital of Culture Linz 09.