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Podiumsdiskussion »Alles Quote und dann was?«

Podiumsdiskussion »Alles Quote und dann was?«

"All quota and then what?"
Austria lags far behind the European average when it comes to gender equality in the film industry. Even though there is currently a kind of "soft" quota for film funding, as the new, second gender report by the Austrian Film Institute shows, there is still no sign of major progress. Time to throw big ideas into the room once again. What tools are needed and for whom? Which stories? Which authors? And also: What kind of working world? What can this industry look like under different, reimagined conditions?

Thu July 7, 18.30, Solaris
A cooperation of Moviemento & Women's Office City of Linz
Admission free

Marie Kreutzer
Director & screenwriter

Iris Zappe-Heller
Deputy Director of the Austrian Film Institute, Commissioner for Gender & Diversity

Oona Valarie Serbest
Artist & cultural activist; Managing Director FIFTITU%

Concept & moderation
Julia Pühringer, journalist and film critic

The panel discussion will be followed by the premiere of CORSAGE (20.00, Moviemento Kino) in the presence of director Marie Kreutzer.
With CORSAGE, Viennese director and screenwriter Marie Kreutzer (DER BODEN UNTER DEN FÜSSEN, WAS HAT UNS BLOSS SO RUINIERT, GRUBER GEHT) succeeds in reinventing "Sisi".
Based on the historically well-documented biography of the famous Empress Elisabeth of Austria-Hungary, the filmmaker unveils the fragile state of the monarch's soul layer by layer and gives her the narrative of a fearless, radical woman. CORSAGE premiered at the 75th Cannes Film Festival, where lead actress Vicky Krieps was awarded the prize for best performance in the Un Certain Regard section

Excerpt from OÖ Nachrichten, 7.7.2022