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Feministischer Kampftag am 8. März 2024

Feministischer Kampftag am 8. März 2024

Fri 8. March 2024, 16h - 17:30h

Demo route: Musiktheater > Landstraße > Hauptplatz
Start: 16:00
Organized by Bündnis 8. März and DIY

Friday, 8 March 2024, is International Women's Day. On this day, women* have been rising up worldwide for more than 100 years to fight for their rights. However, the international feminist day of struggle is not only a reminder of past struggles, but also a call to action for a just and equal world in the present and future.

At present, we are unfortunately experiencing a regression in women's rights worldwide, and in Austria we are still a long way from real equality. For example, inflation is hitting women* particularly hard, as they tend to have lower incomes than men. Statistically speaking, however, they actually spend more time working - only some of it, such as childcare or caring for elderly relatives, is unpaid. Proposals such as grandparental leave are not a solution. On the contrary: they take the state even further away from its duty to create a comprehensive and year-round childcare offer.

Countering regression

For these and many other reasons, it is necessary that we join forces, strengthen each other and draw attention to the situation of girls and women* together. We want to resolutely oppose the regression in women's policies - across ideological and party boundaries. That's why we - the alliance "Do It Yourself: Women's Day Linz" and the "Alliance March 8 - Upper Austrian Women Unite" - are inviting you to a joint demonstration.

On Friday, March 8, we will meet in front of the Musiktheater in Linz from 4 pm. Half an hour later, we will walk together along Landstraße to Hauptplatz, where the final rally with speeches will take place at 5.30 pm. Afterwards we will celebrate in the Stadtwerkstatt (more information will follow). Come along and join us in standing up for a fair, independent and self-determined life for all.

We have five priorities for 2024. Our demands are as follows:

My body - my decision

  • Remove section 97 from the legal code - now
  • Free, freely accessible and comprehensive abortions in every public hospital
  • Over-the-counter medication for medical abortion
  • Free and easily accessible contraceptive means
  • Independent sex education in schools and other educational institutions


  • Minimum wage, Minimum pension and unlimited minimum unemployment benefit of 2000 euros net
  • Reduction of working hours to 30 hours with full pay and staff compensation for all
  • Expansion of free, nationwide childcare

Preventing violence

  • Building women's shelters instead of closing them
  • Creating immediately available housing for people affected by violence
  • More money for the care of people affected by violence, such as counseling centers and free psychotherapy
  • More prevention services
  • Combating sexism in schools, the workplace, etc.

Care work

  • More state support for caring for relatives
  • More days of care leave
  • Protection against sexual harassment and assault in paid care work
  • Political measures, to better divide care work between the sexes

Fighting poverty

  • Adjusting poorly paid sectors to a minimum income of €2000 net (full-time)
  • Setting a minimum income for part-time work
  • Policy measures to ensure that employees with a migration background, older people, etc. can also find suitable jobs
  • . to get a suitable job
  • Free social counseling for people affected by poverty
  • Support to obtain maintenance payments and allowances - if necessary also in court
  • Wages instead of pocket money for women* with disabilities in so-called workshops
  • Unrestricted access to the labour market for asylum seekers

To the March 8th Alliance

Musiktheater Linz

Am Volksgarten 1

Url zur Location Hauptwebseite


Linz 4020