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52 Radiominuten - Jänner 2014

52 Radiominuten - Jänner 2014

On January 16 and 17, the symposium "Feminist Perspectives. Positioning and visions for the future" took place at the Posthof. It was organized by FIFTITU% and Posthof. It brought together current positions that make the diversity of feminist thought visible and encourage people to transcend the boundaries of their own thinking. Speakers at the symposium on January 16 and 17 were Sibylle Hamann, Julya Rabinowich, Sonja Eismann, Persson Perry Baumgartinger, Cornelia Travnicek, Seyran Ateş and Rúbia Salgado. Moderation: Beate Hausbichler vin In today's program you can listen to a short review of the event.


Each of our decisions and our everyday lives are shaped by power relations. Power surrounds each and every one of us and influences our actions. But power is not only external and power is not only held by others. Money, knowledge and influence are distributed unequally. The respective position defines: Who has the best chance of making decisions freely? Who is most likely to be heard? But also: What do concrete resistant positions and perspectives look like? The exhibition shows current positions that critically question whiteness, masculinity and femininity, body norms and heteronormativity

Radio HELSINKI VON UNTEN has made a contribution about the work of maiz - autonomous center by and for migrant women in Linz - as part of the exhibition "White norms of power". The projects "Eating Europe" and "Des-occup-I" are currently on display at the GrazMuseum as part of the exhibition "White Norms of Power" until February 17. On 17 January, some women from the migrant women's self-organization "maiz" visited the GrazMuseum to discuss their work with the public. Representatives of maiz spoke about the deconstruction of migrant identities, the rejection of "integration" and about eating Europeans :)


Feminist knowledge still has a hard time making it into the official history books, yet there is now a canon of established feminist literature. Names such as Virginia Woolf and Simone de Beauvoir have long been familiar to many interested readers. But which topics, which approaches, which discourses are currently "burning"? Which authors will remain with their books - and become feminist classics of the future?

On January 15th, an old/new library for feminist literature was opened on Lendplatz in Graz . The Women's Service thus continues the library of the DOKU (Women's Documentation, Research and Education Center) Graz, which was dissolved at the end of 2013, and starts discussions in the feminist thinking space. The Radio Helsinki editorial team VON UNTEN took a closer look.


Whether retro is a trend? The American avant-garde rock singer Lydia Lunch calls it viral. Her tour, which is a retrospective of 30 years on stage, is called "retrovirus".

Lydia Lunch and her band were guests at the Stadtwerkstatt at the end of October. All in black, they played tracks from their entire oeuvre - from band pieces from "Teenage Jesus And The Jerks" to solo work and new material from "Big Sexy Noise." Silke Müller talked to Lydia Lunch before the concert about how "sexy" works on stage, what Lydia Lunch would give up-and-coming female musicians and who has a "big dick".


The deadline for Papergirl Linz is almost over, only until February 8th it is still possible to send scrollable works of art.

Papergirl Linz is a project within the framework of Feminism & Riot and asks for submissions on this very topic. You can send in ANYTHING that can be rolled. Papergirl will exhibit the artworks in Linz before they are given away to walkers and city strollers by Papergirls and -boys on bicycles as part of a distribution campaign

Papergirl is an urban, non-commercial art project.


Submissions to: Papergirl Linz, c/o Stadtwerkstatt, Kirchengasse 4, 4040 Linz.

More info: and

Picture: Silke Müller

Music: RESOM - AM Deck 12